Monday, 18 June 2012

Yay, the long-list! Many, many thanks to everyone for entering. We had some wonderful stories sent in - far too many to cram all the great ones onto the long-list, so please don't be disheartened if yours didn't make it. Just try again next year...

The following entries have been sent to the Knock On Effect team for them to choose a shortlist of their ten favourites. Well done! Only titles here, I'm afraid, as the next two rounds of judging will be completely anonymous.

Long-list, in no particular order:
Centre parting
Rules of engagement
Atishoo, atishoo...
The great outdoors
The mermaid tapestry
The skywalker
Ski-ing down Everest
White sand cocoon
The 380X
Strands of candyfloss
Rock-a-bye baby
Expecting the worst
A sort of hobby
The knock on effect (by PH)
Never too late
Something blue
System restore
A postcard of Yorkshire
A crooked little smile

Friday, 15 June 2012

By Tuesday I'll have the longlist up - promise! I've been reading steadily for the last few days and will have more time over the weekend, so I'm confident I can manage that. After the longlist goes up, the twenty stories on it will be sent to the Knock On Effect team for them to choose their shortlisted top ten. The shortlist will then be sent to award-winning South African writer Ginny Swart for final judging. Enjoying all your lovely stories - thanks so much to everyone for entering.